5 indie games to watch in 2020
Games to be excited about in the later half of 2020
Tran Duong

5 indie games to watch in 2020

The first half of 2020 has been filled with indie gems. We have flown through the colorful cyberpunk cities in Cloudpunk, solved interesting puzzles in The Pedestrian, and chilled with fascinating customers as we pour them another in Coffee Talk. Indie releases are on the rise, and there is a lot on the horizon.

Here are 5 games coming up in the later half of 2020 that caught our attention. (Psst, we include similar games for you to get your fix while waiting for their releases. That backlog is not getting any shorter!)


Detective, Adventure | PC, Xbox, PS, Switch

Watch the trailer here.

If you’re a big fan of L.A. Noire or the Sherlock Holmes series, Backbone is the perfect game to add to your wishlist. The game lets you play in a dystopian Vancouver as Howard Lotor, the racoon detective. Use your talents to solve cases by interrogating witnesses, sneaking through areas, and deducting clues.

Intrigued? There is also a free demo available on Steam where you get to experience the prologue.

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RPG, Adventure | PC, Switch

Watch the trailer here.

Earthbound fans rejoice with the release of Eastward, a charming pixel RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world. You’ll be able to play as John and Sam, switching between the two protagonists to use the appropriate skill set to navigate a charming Asian-inspired world with lovable characters, fun puzzles, and engaging combat. The game is being published by Chucklefish, who has brought many indie gems such as Stardew Valley, Starbound, and Risk of Rain to life.

Also check out: Forager, Children of Morta

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knock-out

Battle Royale, Sports | PC, PS

Watch the trailer here.

Ever feel drained from a hardcore Apex match but still find yourself craving some battle royale action? Head over to Fall Guys! It’s an adorably bizarre game where 100 players compete to get through obstacle courses while defying physics. Be the true Ninja warrior you were born to be (in pure mayhem style!). If you love Devolver’s titles and their humor, Fall Guys is a must-try.

Also check out: Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, Super Animal Royale


Simulation, Management | PC, Xbox, PS, Switch

Watch the trailer here.

Death can be a touchy topic, but Spiritfarer manages to tackle it with a wholesome approach. The game lets you be a cute Grim Reaper-esque character bringing the deceased to the afterlife as you take care of their spirit. The charming hand-drawn art style with a warm color palette draws you in on first sight, and the whimsical tone of the game is a refreshing change from the usual way death is portrayed in video games.

Also check out: Gris, A Short Hike

Wasteland 3

CRPG, Strategy | PC, Xbox, PS

Watch the trailer here.

Praised as the worthy successor of Wasteland 2, ‘the Fallout 3 everyone deserved but never got’, Wasteland 3 brings back the much-beloved old school RPG style as you navigate a snowy, post-apocalyptic Colorado with real-time exploration and turn-based combat. It promises to deliver a deep roleplaying experience with impactful choices, extensive voice acting, and immersive environments. In a game where your choices matter, only one thing is certain… It’s going to be BRUTAL.

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