The Resurgence of Indie Games
The rise of indie games
Matthew Quek


We are seeing an unprecedented surge in indie games for the first time after the indiepocalypse. The entire game industry booming. In 2020 the industry global games market value hit a total of US$159.3bn, growing at a 9.3% year on year.

Indie games are no exception. However, unlike their triple-A and mobile free to play counterparts, they have not been given their fair share of the limelight by the press and media.


There are a few clear reasons for the explosive growth of games.

1. Growth of digital delivery platforms

The first reason for the resurgence is the widespread uptake of digital distribution platforms like Steam, Epic, and

Online game distribution platforms like these have seen a surge of users over recent years. Even more so now with the impact of COVID-19.

Steam hits a peak of 20 million concurrent gamers on March 15th 2020.

These distribution platforms allow gamers easy access to the latest games in just a few clicks, removing the barrier to purchase new games.

Furthermore, it reduces the barrier of entry for game developers to release their games. Putting a game up on platforms like and Steam is a breeze compared to years ago when games had to be distributed physically.

Due to this ease of access for both games and developers, the number of game downloads and the number of game releases have been on a rise.

2. Consoles and publishers are realizing the significance of indie games

First Party publishers are now more open about allowing indie publishers onto their platform, realizing that independent games are a strong driver of sales for their console systems. As such many initiatives have been launched by Sony, Microsoft as well as Nintendo in order to foster the independent game development community and attract game creators to adopt their platform and port their games to consoles.

Through the ID@Xbox as well as the PlayStation Indies program as well as the Indie World by Nintendo, they showcase their support for independent developers. In fact, some even proclaim that Nintendo's embrace of indie games was the main cause of its success.

Other than first-party consoles and platforms, other larger players in the market are also starting to realize the viability in indie gaming and are starting their own indie publishing or development studios. EA, Take Two and Tencent are the first movers in this area, with their initiatives like EA Originals, Private Division, and Next Studios respectively.

3. Streamers and YouTubers

The prevalence of live streaming and recording gameplay has also brought indie games to the centre of attention with many streamers opting to play indie games in front of their audience. Top streamers have followings in the tens of millions and are very influential in the gaming community.

Due to the large number of indie games available, streamers and content creators are able to play a new game ever so often, ensuring that their audience does not get easily bored of the content and keeps returning for more. This also results in the sales of streamed or filmed games surging when a famous content creator plays the game.

As such studios and publishers use these content creators as a main form of marketing, often sponsoring videos and paying content creators to play and promote their games in order to garner attention.


So in closing, these are the three main reasons for the explosive growth of indipendent games are the growth of digital distrobution platforms like Epic Store and Valve's Steam, the increased support from first party publishers and platforms, and the rise of gaming content creators and their comsumers.

We hope to capitalize on this amazing oppertunity and we are actively searching for investment partners to join us on our journey.

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